Alpha course - 2023

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The Alpha course is an introductory course on Christian faith that gives you the opportunity to explore faith & wrestle with the big questions of life. We start our group meetings with dinner at 19.00, followed by the group session together (20.00-21.00). 

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Check this short video to get an impression of what an evening looks like.  

At 20.00 we start with a short introduction, followed by a video on the topic of the evening. After the video we break up into groups to discuss the topic.  Whether you are an atheist, a believer or a seeker, whether Norwegian or international: all students are welcome and there is room for every opinion and point of view.  There are no costs to join the Alpha-course. Those who join will be asked a voluntary contribution.  

We are looking forward to meet you and don't hesitate to contact us (  if you have any questions!

Tu 21.2 : Life – Is there more to life than this?  

Tu 28.2 : Jesus – Who is Jesus?  

Tu 07.3 : The Cross – Why did Jesus die?  

Tu 14.3 : Faith – How can I have faith? 

Tu 21.3 : Prayer – Why and how do I pray?  

Tu 28.3 : The Bible – Why and how should I read the Bible?  

Tu 11.4 : Guidance - How does God guide us?  

Sa 15.4 : Spirit – What does the Holy Spirit do?  

Sa 15.4 : Fullness of Spirit – How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?  

Su 16.4 : New life – How can I make the most of the rest of my life?  

Tu 18.4 : Evil – How can I resist evil? 

Tu 25.4 : Tell others – Why and how should I tell others?  

Tu 02.5 : Healing – Does God heal today?  

Tu 09.5 : Church – What about the church? 








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